Varanasi is one of the World’s oldest living city with glorious confluence of religion, tradition, legends and vivacity, rich tapestry of music, art and education
Wire Management

As a part of the cleanliness campaign in Varanasi, tiling can be done to give a new character to the littered and overcrowded streets.

Revamping the Streets

De-cluttering of the city by laying of underground cables to decongest the city’s landscape.

Plantation Drive

Instead of planting saplings, transplantation of sufficiently larger trees to restore Varanasi’s green cover to at least the stipulated 33%

Waste & Water Management
  • Solid waste management program with Japan can provide the cutting edge technology
  • By-product to be used as alternate energy source
  • Setting up of pre-engineered toilets in the city specially around the Ghats using the latest technology from Japan
  • Facelift of the Ghats
  • Complete overhaul of the present drainage system
  • Development of a feasible and efficient water treatment plant with Japan’s help so as to minimize contamination of the water table.
Development of Navi Kashi and Suburbs
  • Development of a new satellite city- ‘Navi Kashi’- A Smart city based on the other side of Ganga river.
  • Construction and development of residential spaces, dedicated commercial area, schools, hospitals which follow environmentally friendly practices and are sustainable.
Roads and Flyovers
  • In order to accommodate the increasing traffic, Construction of new flyovers and ring roads along the ancient Panchkosi and Panchtirthi pilgrim circuit.
  • Interlinking Varanasi with the adjoining districts, suburbs and the important commercial centers.
Public Transport
  • Revamping the existing public transport system
  • Introduction of Metro and monorails
  • Developing waterways and promotion of water transport on Ganga as an alternative means
  • Setting up of a new institution for dissemination of ancient Indian knowledge and practices such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Vaastushastra
  • Revitalising Banaras Hindu University (BHU)
Business Model

New evolved business model for Varanasi managed by the SPV formed under VAKYO.

Proposed New City

VEDIC city (New Varanasi)